About us

ARTIZANA FACTORY is one of the leading enterprises of the fur industry in the Republic of Moldova.
From a small household workshop to a multifunctional complex for the processing and sewing of fur articles, they have already been 100 years old. 
Our main strategy is to combine work experience for many years with contemporary technologies and the tendency to always improve the quality of our production. Collaboration with Italian companies, as well as the use of foreign technologies allow active competition in our field. Most of our articles are unique on the Moldovan market.

The company's owners, who have been active in this field for five generations, pay special attention to the quality of the raw materials purchased, but also to direct communication with consumers and staff take part in exhibitions.

A priority and extensive direction of the company is the production of sheepskin products. Top quality raw material is used, purchased in countries such as Australia, Uruguay, Romania, Moldova.
To ensure a high quality of our articles, we use contemporary, environmentally friendly and harmless substances.
Until recently, the company exported its articles to Italy and Russia.
In order to expand the assortment, in 2009 a new direction of production was created - tailoring section. Due to this, the company produces various fur items:

- carpets;
- pimples;
- rucksacks;
- vests;
- bags;
- hats;
- various fur accessories.

Every season, our assortment has been complemented by new, modern models that have allowed us to open a network of our own shops.
The professional factory workers: painters, designers, builders and stitches follow the contemporary trends carefully to amaze them and enjoy their customers for as long as possible.
The leading manufacturer of fur industry in the country
Highly professional workers working for more than 15 years
Use of modern technologies
Own network of shops
Raw materials of the highest quality from Uruguay, Romania, Moldova
The total production area consisting of more than 3000 m2